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BBC News | 2015-07-02

South Korea reports new Mers case after four-day pause

2 July 2015 From the section Asia South Korea has not had a death from Mers for two days South Korea has reported a new case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome...

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The Guardian | 2015-07-02

This Heathrow report got Cameron off the hook. But it won’t be the last word

Government inquiries are Britain’s bullfights. They are expensive, ritualised, interminable and the cause of lavish corporate expenditure. They all have the same ending: a man in a suit pirouetting over a pile of bleeding meat. ...

The Washington Post | 2015-07-02

‘You don’t expect to run into a pea in guacamole’

Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us. — The...

The Guardian | 2015-07-01

Far from being a ‘Mugabe-style grab’, Scotland’s land reform is too timid

‘Tartan Stalinists”, the “Highland Stasi”, “Scottish Nazi party”, the “new Zimbabwe”: surely the corporate press will soon run out of similes? Or at least drop dead through hyperventilation. ...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-01

The UN vs Eritrea

I spent Monday, June 22 in Geneva, Switzerland protesting alongside over 5,000 fellow Eritreans in...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-01

Revolution’s Matchstick

Rolling down the corporate-political assembly line is a trade deal so treasonous to the peoples of...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-01

Nuke Deal Inches Ahead as US-Iran Play Information War

Vienna So today is not D-Day. No landing in post-Wall of Mistrust territory. A nuclear deal between...